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Which Channels Do Australian Customers Prefer For Customer Service?

In my recent blog I explored statistics focused on customer loyalty in Australia from the recent Teleperformance Customer Experience Lab (CX Lab). I’ll use that same CX Lab data to focus on the channel preferences of Australian consumers.

Companies are encouraging customers to use apps on their smart phone, but only 26% of consumers have used a company app in the past year and 56% said that they were not even aware if the company has one.

If customers are given the choice about how they get in touch with a brand then the voice call wins by a clear margin. 42% of customers say that voice is their first choice, 25% say email or a web form, and 18% prefer to use live chat. Just 2% would use social media as a first choice communication channel. The trend shows that this declines as each generation gets younger, conversely, 47% of gen Z preferring email or web form as their favourite interaction method.

19% of customers made a comment about a customer service experience online and it’s a growing trend. 72% commented on their own personal social networks. 34% made a comment on the social network of the brand they want to interact with and 13% commented elsewhere.

What is really interesting about these insights into Australian customer service preferences is that the quality of the interaction is still king no matter what channel it’s through. Consumers who did not contact a brand’s customer service presented an average loyalty rating of 8.12 out of 10. When consumers did and it was a positive experience this leapt to 9.19. Here’s the catch, if consumers had a negative experience then it dropped to 5.71. 

We’ve always known that each touchpoint in the service interaction needs to be positive, the recent data shows exactly how important this is. The added dimension today is how brands manage the interactions on social media as many consumers turn to those channels to share their experiences and mostly it is to vent about a negative one. Not all brands monitor social media comments and given that this is one of the most important influencing platforms for consumers, this cannot be ignored.

Questions for companies to be pondering is:

  • Do we have the right channels for our demographic to interact with us?
  • How do we promote new channels and how do we integrate them to make it seamless?
  • Do we have a social media strategy?
  • If not, then are we proactively monitoring social channels and managing/moderating interactions regarding our brands?

If you have any questions about the CX Lab data and analysis then please feel free to leave a question here or get in touch with me directly via my LinkedIn profile.

Photo by Japanexperterna.se licensed under Creative Commons.

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