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The AIA Great European Carnival in Hong Kong

The AIA Great European Carnival in Hong Kong have just ended. Anyone in Hong Kong could possibly know all about the carnival as it has been running every Holiday Season since 2014, growing larger each year, and taking in all the major winter holidays.

The carnival features amusement rides, attractions, and skill games. It now also featured an animal-free circus from Europe and larger acts such as high wire trapeze and motorcycles. The carnival has been sponsored by the insurance giant AIA Group since it started so they clearly see enormous value in the visibility created by the event.

The event has regularly attracted over a million visitors so it is an enormous event, but there is also corporate value created for AIA and other brands too. The carnival sells corporate spaces so companies can take their clients out to enjoy the carnival and as the main sponsor, AIA Group will have unique access to the rides.

This is the biggest carnival in Hong Kong and always takes place during this festive season. Many of the performers visit from Europe providing a genuine European carnival experience. However, it is this focus on corporate entertainment that I believe is genuinely quite innovative and different.

The carnival has built a reputation over the past five years as a great event that attracts over a million people. It’s a fantastic environment to offer corporate visitors some exclusivity, such as access to rides or shows without the usual lines of people waiting to get in. Corporate entertainment has changed dramatically in recent years and is often more focused on experiences today rather than the more traditional focus on meals. I believe the carnival is not only important for the people of Hong Kong and tourists, but it is demonstrating a more mature attitude to corporate behavior too – I hope that I can visit with my own clients! You can find more details about the rides and location here.

Let me know what you think of the AIA Great European Carnival if you have visited, especially if you enjoyed a corporate visit. Leave a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

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