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Singapore Airlines has once again been in the news for their approach to customer care. After a recent flight from Bangkok to Singapore every passenger received a complimentary tea set from TWG Tea to apologize for problems encountered with the onboard entertainment system. Even though it was not a particularly long flight, Singapore Airlines was still working hard to ensure that every customer went away happy and looking forward to his or her next encounter with the airline.

For the past four years, Singapore Airlines has topped the YouGov BrandIndex Buzz Ranking for Singapore. This ranking explores online discussions about brands and uses both positive and negative mentions to create a score. Singapore Airlines gets a more favorable score than other brands in Singapore such as Changi Airport, WhatsApp, and Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo.

 The customer goodwill created by Singapore Airlines doesn’t just ensure that they continue to get repeat customers, but it creates a lifetime of advocacy by Singaporeans at home and abroad. There is no marketing promotion or advertising campaign that can beat satisfied customers telling their friends and family which airline you should choose.

Last year a different study by YouGov found that 61% of Singaporeans would like to work for Singapore Airlines. This number sounds impressively high, but is even more so when you compare the numbers for Facebook (49.3%) and Apple (45.8%).

This level of support cannot be underestimated. By focusing intensely on creating memorable and pleasant customer experiences, Singapore Airlines has not only created a brand that customers want to use again, but also a brand that is more interesting to people than the hi-tech giants from California.

But Singapore Airlines is not the only airline in Asia taking customer service seriously; AirAsia has been investing in new Canadian technology to improve their customer service processes. The AirAsia Virtual Allstar (AVA) now offers immediate customer service help 24/7 and in eight languages across the website, app, and telephone. Many airlines in Asia are redefining how the global airline industry should work – by focusing on the needs of the customer.

With how airlines are now investing on customer service, it is clear and evident that good customer experience is vital to build loyalty and leave a good impression. Customer service is not only catering to the needs of the customer, but also providing an experience to ensure the customer comes back, talks about the brand, and its commendable service.

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