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APAC The Power of Telesales

It is easier than ever to launch a new brand. New products are being created constantly across every industry you can name, but how do those brands get their products out into the market and known? The App Store may offer a global platform for distribution, but what if nobody has ever heard of your service?

Telesales can be a useful and cost-effective approach to sales. Calls can be made much faster and at a lower cost than using a sales team that visits every potential customer in person. At the same time, engaging with a real person is more agile and compelling than just sending static information via email.

But incorporating telesales into a brand’s marketing strategy is not easy. It relies on good information. If you can create a list of potential customers and equip your team with the marketing skills they need to present your product, then you can create a winning package.

However, you need to be realistic. Directly calling potential customers and trying to sell to them with no warning can be damaging. A smarter strategy is usually to use a telesales team as a way of determining who might be interested in follow-up information, such as an email with more details or a personal meeting. With the evolution of telecommunications, telesales still has a lot to offer to companies who think strategically about how it can work for them.

Telesales can also be an important way to maintain relationships with existing customers. Once you are already in a relationship, you can use engagement with the customer to upsell and cross-sell different products and solutions. Once you know what the customer needs then it is far easier to recommend the correct products, so advice can be turned into sales opportunities.

 Conquering the global market, this can also be planned on a multilingual basis from a single multilingual hub. A multilingual contact center is an important benefit for brands that want to plan for a regional or global expansion and yet do not want to try creating a new sales operation in every market where they operate. It does not limit into only selling, but rather can also be used to carry customer surveys and to gather feedback, allowing for a constant improvement of the customer experience.

 Telesales can be a valuable tool for brands operating across multiple regions and I strongly recommend that brands investigate how it may be used within their own sales and marketing strategy – also closely aligning a sales team with the customer service team for strong coordination of all customer contact. Let me know what you think about the future of telesales by leaving a comment here or get in touch via my LinkedIn.

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